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Now then, what about a boat?

Yes my ever faithful, I have had yet another 'randomisation'

You know where this started and why, if not, it is all here;

Start at the bottom first, and work your way up. Oh so many euphemisms... Yes I am thinking of you ladies at

And as I said here, The Plan needs a rethink.

I am a summer person. I have mentioned before that 'winter Paul' is a grumpy bugger, I see no pleasure in getting wrapped up and 'enjoying' a crisp blue sky day when then the temperature barely wakes the mercury. Give me the blue sky all day, but make the temp in the high 20's and better still low 30's, then I'm your man.

Shorts, t-shirts and a need for sunglasses, heavenly. Hence, the whole lets see out old age where the sun is a given on a daily basis and the rain is a blessing, once in a while, albeit a not very often once in a while. I started this venture with one destination in mind, which, with hindsight is quite restrictive.

I am hanging my remaining years happiness on one small village, not a bad village by any means, that's given, but still... When my marriage ended, I was back in the world of renting and I still am and it suits me, no ties, easy out as and when I want, be that 6 months or 6 years. It brings a certain amount of freedom, you only need to give the required notice period and that's it, no languishing for months, potentially, on the housing market.

Yes, I can hear the arguments about 'dead money in renting' but if people actually looked at what they spent on a mortgage across twenty plus years, its not all it is cracked up to be. Wait. In my job we have this 'guideline' when writing reports, that if a number is less than two digits you put the number in, over two digits you write the number in letter form. I don't agree. You need consistency, start with number, stay with numbers, start by writing numbers in letter form, stick with writing numbers in letter form. I prefer the words over numbers.

Neater. There I go again, tangents. Tangents with no substance. Fills the blog post though, 'winking face emoji' Where was I? Divorce Renting. No ties.

That's it. It harks back to the army days, never in one place for too long, always on the move, for short periods of time, exciting. I have always had 'itchy feet', weird saying that one, when my feet itch, I put a cream on them. Oops oversharing again. Instead of moving homes or countries, I have always moved jobs and sadly, ladies, mmmmmmm, I am not always a fan of me.

Anyway, that mindset is clearly still with me and as per the 'I am in Turunc' post, settling in one place has started to feel restrictive and, being there felt restrictive, the mountains behind and the sea to the front, small village... Back in 2012 I was recently separated from my marriage and I had the thought around 2013/14 of buying a boat, a cabin cruiser, a 'throttle and steering wheel' type vessel, point and go, no sails, no major skills, simple. Living on the south coast of England, the choice of harbour locations was many, and considering a boat over 29 foot, made it sea worthy, as in able to cross the Channel Weekends in the Channel Isles, anyone? Yes please. Of course, it didn't happen and as I alluded to in living in a restricted space, mobile or not, is never as glamourous as certain blogs or Instagram accounts make out, it is hard and has many challenges. Which brings me full circle, 'Now Then, what about a boat?' The plan has always been to save hard for the next few years and buy one, or maybe two properties in Turkey as explained here

Depending on location and size these can vary in price, but the mid range, good size places go for around £70,000 and so the financial plan has centred around that as a figure. For around the same price, you can get something like the below, a 30ft cabin cruiser, permanent sleeping areas, outside seating, showers, head, kitchen areas, a floating home.

A floating home that opens the Mediterranean in its entirety after a swift Channel crossing and then traversing France via the superb river network (I researched this back in 2014).

The romantic in me has views of cruising along the Med coast lines, harbouring up outside a stunning village or town, spending a couple of days there and then moving on, no ties, no boredom, pure freedom. Well as free as a UK resident and passport holder can be given bloody Brexit...

I will still have scope to buy somewhere as a more solid base, possibly South of France, or Italy. So it isn't totally reckless.

I have heard many phrases around boat ownership; 'You are only happy for two days when owning a boat, the day you buy it and the day you sell it'. 'A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into'.


and as such I am alive to going into some deep research in this regard and as I said, the plan has become fluid, this is just another possibility. I am twelve months into this, almost, certainly since the idea of the '11 Year Plan' came to mind, so lets safely assume I will throw many more tangents out there. Now I just need the perfect lady to accompany me. You know who you are. Bugger, you get seasickness quite bad...

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