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I am in Turunc.

And I may have fallen out of love with it... I am sat in an airconditioned room of my friends apartment after a day of drinking Efes in the sun, I have poured a rum and coke, it is before 1800hrs here and nope, I am not apologising for that, I am on holiday. If you are a faithful, you will know that this blog started with me rambling on about being an old git, that awareness of getting old and needing to do something about it. It started here: It went here:

and then, as is my want, I want off on tangents, maybe too many. My blog, my rules, I am not here for likes or accolades. (I still love you my ever faithful reader, don't leave me just yet). Start with the bottom post and work up, its not coherent in any form, but you may like it. In essence this started because I told my financial guru, aka Sammy, aka little brother, of my needing a plan for my eventual retirement.

Wait, an aside. I am seven beers in and now on the rum, so put your comfy pants on, this could take a while. Until very recently I always called Sam, or Sammy, my little brother, however he has an inch on me in height and in terms of work, his career is stellar in comparison, so he is now my younger brother, it feels more fitting. He is pretty cool, he's seen some shit, been through the mill and he keeps fighting and I love him unconditionally. He does love his aftershave, he calls them 'stanks' and that always makes me smile, I am so proud of him. Right, where was I?

Ok, Michael Jackson's Off The Wall has just started in my Airpods. If that is not just a perfect pop song, I am not sure what is. They aren't Apple Airpods, have you read my blog? I am trying to save money, they are a £20 set from Amazon and they are pretty good. Now Angie Stone, Wish I Didn't Miss You, mmmm yeah, if you see this, yep that is how I feel, and I think I always will. I will wait eternally. Oooosh, author tangent again. But, lets be honest, it took one, maybe two minutes of your time, I am getting to the point, eventually. I am in Turunc. This is the place I'd chosen to buy into and live. The point of this blog to date.

Well its conception, if nothing else. As previous, I have been coming here for circa 16 years, my ex in-laws bought a place here and I have had a fair amount of holidays here, with my ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and alone, as I am now. If you really care why I am single, dive in: It is Friday 8th July 2022 and I have been in Turunc since the early hours of Sunday 3rd July and as ever it is glorious, bright blue skies and deep blue sea, wait, that's a good name for a film, its hot and the sun shines all day. The friends I know welcome me as ever, I am slipping on the comfy slippers. Yet.

I am not enamoured, and I haven't been since I arrived. I have tried, it has been amazing seeing those friends, of course, yet the place has not grabbed me as it has previously, not even close.

Do you know that feeling of being on holiday where you are aware of the days left and count them down, even though you know that is not conducive to actually enjoying your holiday, but you do it anyway? I used to always say to the friends/wife/girlfriend at the time (shut up, I can hear you!), that if you can say 'this time next week I will still be here' then you've plenty of holiday left. I have spent the last few days waking up amazed that I am still here. It feels like I should have been home days ago. OK the rum may have something to answer for that, but honest I am a bit 'meh' that I am still here.

Yep, I know, that sounds mad, I am on holiday, its bloody hot and sunny, cold beers, beach, great food, but... meh.

I cannot quite put my finger on why I feel this way. I have had some stunning days, boat trips etc. and I have always reminded myself to 'be in the moment', savour it and I have, equally, I am ok with going home. I am very aware, having been there and spent the money, that this is my third holiday of 2022 and I still have 14 days in the US to look forward to, so maybe I am simply 'holidayed out'? See, I don't think it is that, because I am excited about the US, as I was about Iceland and Switzerland, I am not excited to be here. I am seeing Turunc with different eyes, maybe for the first time. It is still stunning, no doubt, but is it a home, a long term home? I am not sure it is...

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