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2022, A Year in Review

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Its been quite a year... I know! Look at me, writing two posts in the same month, well that's if I actually finish and post this in December, such a daft phrasing that, because, really it only means anything to me as I type, right now.

'Right now' is 23rd December, 1625hrs UK time and I am roughly 30,000 feet in the air on route to Boston, I have just under four hours of the flight left and then I am back with Sam and I suspect, after dumping my bags at his, we will be in a bar, although not The Goat, as he is now in Boston and not Portsmouth anymore.

The wonders of the modern world, mid flight, probably still over The Atlantic or possibly Canada and we have Wi-Fi and power, although my typing is terribly slow as my arms are tucked in by my side so as to not nudge my fellow travellers. This is the most boring start to a post yet, no drama, no shocking revelation, just me rambling on, it is still me. Honestly.

Maybe I just need to summarise 2022, as its actually been pretty cool. Bit of a gap...

It is now 28th December 2022, I am in Sam's apartment, Charlestown, Boston MA. My liver officially hates me... I officially hate Thrifty Car Hire as they just wasted the best part of three hours of my life today, but that is not for here and lets be honest, life is too short to hold grudges. Back to 2022. As it started I had moved back to the company I had previously left and was settling back in nicely, the world was still a bit 'Covid Aware' but if felt as we were coming out of it and life would return to some form of normality, albeit with an aftertaste that I don't think will ever go away. I had not seen Sam for around 15 months or so, mainly because of Covid and him being in Switzerland, so when we arranged for him to come to the UK and for us to then fly to Iceland, summarised here, it was safe to say I was more than a little excited to see him again.

He flew into Manchester and just like the opening and closing scenes of Love Actually,

I was at arrivals, gave him a huge hug and then got some dust in my eyes... honest, maybe it could have been smoke or maybe my contacts were being a bit weird, but suddenly my eyes started leaking. I know, weird huh? Your author is a soppy bugger at times. Iceland well and truly ticked, spring started to arrive in the UK and that is the start of my happy time of year. May saw me back with Sam in Switzerland, as here,

and in July I went back to Turkey, Mmmmmm those posts make it look like I didn't enjoy the trips and in turn a little ungrateful, not the intention at all, they were superb.

The year is flying by!

My 50th was looming. Not long after I returned to the UK from Switzerland Sam landed the new role in the US, so after some swift change of plans (ha ha, we never had plans...) off I was again on my travels and had a superb two weeks in the US and Canada celebrating my 50th and Sam's 34th birthdays in September,

Still. Still. This is still so true, I have let her know I am in the US and close, but aside from wishing me a Merry Christmas, no other comm's. I respect that, even though it makes my heart heavy.

In between these trips work is going well, I have seen some live music, spent time with the lads, been to the theatre and had the odd date or two (maybe more, but that would be telling) as well as getting some time in on the paddleboard ignore the purple toenail, it isn't bruised...

OK, lets deal with it, because I know you are wondering. I am and was a huge fan of Prince and since his passing, on his birthday, I paint my toenail purple, in honour. Now you'll notice that is quite a dark purple, after all, what do I know about nail polish? Not a lot it seems as that particular one is also sparkly. 'side eyes emoji'

I will get a fresh one for 2023.

I just wrote that down and left it in, didn't I? I am amazed why I am still single.

I mean aside from the obvious... The one thing you may have noted as being missing is the mention of any mountain biking and that's with good reason, I have been particularly shite this year at riding, aside from a couple of uplifts and a demo day, my bikes are quite dusty and that is dire, but in my defence, it's been a bloody busy year. I have been back in touch with a good number of my Army mates and had a few socials, including a Christmas Ball which my lovely friend Lucy accompanied me to and I have some more reunions due in 2023 and, of course Army v Navy in May. What about the bad bits of 2022? Well, thankfully there are not too many of those. The odd disastrous date(s) that have left me wondering if 'she' is actually out there, well one is, but without wanting to sound like a broken record, I cannot force something from one side only and 3251 miles is quite a lot. (It isn't, not really, it is a few hours travel) My diet and training have been disastrous since coming back from the US in September, I simply have not settled back into a routine and with all honesty I am unsure why that is, maybe I got the US/Canada bug and a part of me wants a huge change? I really do not know. Well, maybe I do and I just need to do some soul searching.

I know I need to get out of that mindset (not the US/Canada bug one, the not looking after myself one) when I get back to the UK. I have started to develop arthritis in my right hand, only one finger so far, but that's a bit of a bugger and may have knock on effects with some of my life aspects, as being able to hold onto the handlebars of a mountain bike doing in excess of 25mph down a rock strewn trail is really important, if you wish to make it to the end of that trail, that is. The biggest 'bad' point is my elderly aunt being taken into hospital and now still in some form of care, and actually, that is the silver lining, because, if she hadn't, my fear is it may have been worse. There are some hard choices to make going forward, for her and of course her family, but with full support. So, in reality, that's it, 2022 has been a bloody good year, it has certainly trumped 2021, which in fairness was always going to be easy, as long as I didn't die...

An aside. I have 6 full days left here in the US, we have a hire car tomorrow for a little road trip and although I will do a post about this trip, here is a snippet, do not click the hashtags, they don't work. I could explain them, and equally, I really cannot, just know that each one was met with much laughter and some are on repeat. #That's the most middle class thing you have ever said. #Vaginal Pink #The Meat #Trunchball #Soul Snatcher 3000

#Mention something and get the response of "You're an..." example,

'Lets go to the Aquarium', "You're an Aquarium" and repeat.

#Meat labels that confirm they do not have antibiotics within them...

#The morning grunt, which is a reflection of the previous night...

Signing off, who wants beers..?

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