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One Year!

I started this blog and journey, one year ago.

Ok, its a few days over from the first post, and lets be honest, it will possibly be days/weeks before I post this...

I became a blogger twelve months ago.

Well, ok, I have a blog... I don't think that makes me a blogger, this is the 19th post in a year, I am hardly breaking records here or about to win awards. I am no Micky Spillane.

Anyway, I am sat in a restaurant on Shrewsbury's Pride Hill, I have a large glass of red and some lunch on the way, I will take a break in about half an hour to have my weekly call with my aunt, something we have done since the start of the pandemic, she is 79 and I look forward to the call every week. I feel quite the millennial, not the Gen X that I actually am, I am sat in a bar, with a vino and am typing on a laptop, not bad for a 50 year old man. Maybe I should order some quinoa and avocado..? Nope, step too far.

Any of my faithful will know the reason I started this blog, mainly due to some nagging by my younger brother, but also because I needed a plan, something to aim for, and if I am honest, it is a way to unload, in a way I am comfortable with. One post detailed how I struggled with 2021 for numerous reasons and that I was hopeful of 2022 being better.

We have a few weeks left to go this year, so of course it can all go to rat shit and lets be honest the UK is quite a special place right now, wait. Its a total shit show. Its embarrassing.

The bastion that is the foundation of democracy in this, once amazing country, that I signed up to defend, with my very life, No. 10 Downing Street has had a revolving door fitted. The only recent permanent fixture is the bloody cat, who quite frankly has more integrity and trustworthiness than any of the other recent incumbents, which is saying something as cats are generally bastards, lovable bastards, but bastards none the less.

2022 for your author has been a whirlwind, its been superb. Brother, Iceland, Brother, Switzerland, Mates, Bikes, Turkey, Brother, US and Canada, New Friends, Hello, 50, Jaws Geek off, Mates, 12 flights (to date), six countries, way too much alcohol, fitness (slacked off recently), theatre, cinema, paddle-boarding, sunshine. I have, as above, been to six countries this year, 12 flights. I have been to freezing cold areas and basked in 40c sunshine, I have made new friends, seen some amazing scenery, been a total geek (I am sat wearing a Jaws T-Shirt right now), I have been spoilt by friends and colleagues with gifts, and, if you have read my last post, I have been struck by lightning, figuratively.

I have been very lucky, wait, its not luck, I made 2022 happen, I got a grip and I had fun, I let go of the constraints and went for it and it has been sublime.

It's been expensive... If you are with me and following this 'weak ass, write with vino, when he can be arsed' blog, you'll know that the '11 Year Plan' is all about saving, investing and then buying property abroad. On the day Sam and I flew to Iceland, a small man in a big country decided that he wanted more land and was willing to spill blood of the innocent to make this a reality, when I say innocent, I include those in uniform, I can state that without fear of challenge, I wore one of those uniforms for a while and I fought. And as a result of this small man we saw many things, not least market crashes and price increases, which whilst inconvenient to those that are not in fear of missile strikes is still an issue.

Yep, my investments nosedived, alongside everyone else's, to the point I have stopped looking at them, it will recover and its a long game, plus I found a ton of pensions I never knew I had that equate to about a years investment. Paul The Spender is back. Oh well. you only turn 50 once. Did I mention that? The turning 50?

Gary Numan had a new track out in 2020 as well (just for you), sorry, small in-joke, that doesn't need explaining and would be bloody boring if I did. There we go, 2022 was pretty bloody cool, I am ok with being 50, honest, I am, shut up, I am. Well, I can't bloody change it can I? So embrace and carry on normal jogging. I was in that restaurant I mention at the start three hours ago, I have moved on and there is more wine involved. I had the call with my aunt and it was lovely. I just had a moment, and it needs documenting. I am in a lovely bar in my lovely town and as I walked to the bar, I saw two couples sat at a table, the ladies had stunning dresses on, they were sat with their respective partners and I had a moment, I was envious, no, I was jealous, that's it, I was jealous. That needs a deep dive. 2022 has been good, clearly. But, what next? Where do I go? I am still single, that's OK, I am attuned to finding the right one, not the right now, and go back through my posts, I may have found her. 'shrugged shoulder emoji'

She liked that post, she messaged me about it and I smiled. I smiled a lot.

OK, ellipsis ending, wine brain engaged, oh shit its still daylight.

2023 bring it...

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