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I have had an amazing week

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

... and then I went to buy a new suit.

A quick snippet on what has been a very good week for your author.

On Monday I returned to an old job, one I only left in March after being tempted away by the sordid topic that is money.

That job turned out to be dire and it affected me more than I realised. I explore that here

In September one of my old bosses got in touch via LinkedIn and asked if I was up for a chat, intriguing.

Without going on a ramble of many words and asides, as reader you will realise I am apt to do, especially if you are following my posts on and I have no desire to take up too much of your day, which is now shorter in terms of light due to the clocks changing. In a nutshell the old firm wanted me back, they stated they should have made more of an effort to retain me, they wanted to up my previous role with more responsibility and they wanted to pay me accordingly.

I played it cool, whilst inside I was doing backflips and somersaults of joy and relief.

During the wage negotiations I had that scene in Pretty Women going through my head as below;

  • [after negotiating three thousand dollars] Vivian : I would have stayed for two thousand. Edward Lewis : I would have paid four.

Guess that sounded better in my head...

Monday 25th October I started back at my old/new job and it felt so right, the crushing weight of work related stress and doom laden thoughts of the previous seven months lifted in an instant.

The week went from strength to strength, I found myself smiling again, hearing, I mean actually hearing music and enjoying it, over it being something in the background.

My Shazam app has blown a fuse this week with all the new music I have discovered and asked it to identify for me.

My new role will likely involve some meetings with clients as we develop it and therefore I needed a new suit.

I decided that it may be nice to have something I could wear for business and equally would not look out of place with an open necked collar and maybe even a pocket square should the time arise that I am fortunate enough to take a lady to dinner...

Ha, had to stop for a bit then from laughing so much at the prospect of that happening, dear reader, me, having a date.

Stop, my sides are aching.

We have a lovely suit shop in town and I have been looking in their window for the last few weeks as and when I pass, and on Saturday I decided the time was right.

It's a proper old suit shop/tailors, the gentlemen manning the shop all have pin stripe suits on, glasses on chains and tape measures around their necks.

I walk in and am warmly greeted by one such gentleman.

'Yes sir, how may I assist you today'?

'I need a new suit' I say and suddenly realise that I am stating the blinding obvious, I am in a suit shop after all, I am not here for some bacon and eggs.

'What style sir?'

So I explain my desire as laid out above and he asks if I like tweed.

I am only 49 and am not sure I am quite there yet in regards tweed, so he shows me some nice small checked grey suits in 100% wool. More my style.

He, without hesitation or measuring picks a 44 jacket off the rail and of course it is a perfect fit, this gentleman knows his onions.

'Now sir, the trouser?'

I explain that normally I am quite active, especially with mountain biking, but it has been an awkward year and I have been off the bike a fair bit and as a result I am carrying a few extra pounds and of course inches around the middle I am not happy with.

I continue.

'I am a 34, have been for years, the trousers I am wearing are a 34, all my trousers are a 34'

I am so confident in this being the fact and that even if I was slightly over the 34 mark I planned to get back in shape and maybe even be a 32 inch waist again one day.

We do kid ourselves don't we dear reader?

Being the consummate professional that he is, he says

'Lets check to be 100% sure and of course you can try some on for size'

He deftly whips his tape measure from around from his neck and places it around my middle, pulls it to the measurement and without missing a beat looks up at me and says, total deadpan...

'How long did sir say he had been off the bike?'

I still bought a suit from him...

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